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Originally Posted by wwilson View Post

You need to provide the boat type/manufacturer, or at least draft and mast height for us to be any real help.

1) Oyster grounds notifies the mariner of aquaculture and not to anchor or otherwise drag the bottom and disturb. You can sail over them. BTW be sure that your boat fits through the Cape May Canal by draft and mast height. I try and stay out of the shipping channel, just parallel the marks just outside the channel on either side. Cross the channel quickly as needed. In fog use a Securiteí call on both 13 & 16 to let them know your intentions and relative position.

2) Anchor (in settled weather) at the Reedy Island Anchorage 39˚30.15'N x 75˚34.14'W, good holding in sand, poor protection from wind, or take a slip at Delaware City Marina at 39˚34.36'N x 75˚35.40'W, full service $2.00/Ft. Within the C&D Canal is Summit North Marina at 39˚32.70'N x 75˚42.69'W, somewhat ramshackle and very "optimistic" of their alongside depth. Further back in the C&D Canal is the Anchorage Basin (Engineer's Cove) at 39˚31.65'N x 75˚48.65'W, no experience - not sure that my boat fits its draft.

3) No good anchorage on the way down the Delaware. Some have used the Cohansey River on the east side at 39˚20.46'N x 75˚22.09'. No personal experience - I have heard that it is deep (>10-Ft) and protected with good holding in mud/sand bottom

4) Probably no marinas on the Delaware that you could approach in a deep draft boat. Fuel and pump out at any of the four (?) full service marinas in Cape May. And again - be sure that you fit through the Cape May Canal. The following URL will let you browse the raster version of the charts - useful in that the notes are included.


Remove the hyphens in the word "charts" above then cut & paste the above URL to the address bar. If I try and use a proper link, Sailnet converts the word "charts" following the www to a sales link. Moderators, can you please ask the SailNet webmaster to skip the keyword-to-link substitution when it occurs within a URL?


If any of my coordinates look wrong let me know I may have mistyped.
Hey wwilson;

My boat is a Contest 33. It has a draft of 5 feet 4 inches and a mast height of just under 47 feet from the water. I should have space to spare getting under the Cape May canal bridge. Yeah I thought that sticking to the shipping channel would be a bad idea. Since I have cleared up the issue about the "restricted" areas it should be an easier sail down the Delaware, I can stick to the east coast and keep an eye on the depth.

Reedy Island Anchorage was my second choice for anchoring so it is good to know that there are places on the way to drop the hook. I should easily make it down to Cape May on the second day, I was planning on a stop for fuel if needed at Fortescue State Marina or Hancock Harbour Marina which is on the Cohansey River. If the first day of sailing goes well I could moor for the evening at one of these harbours.

Thanks for the extra info;


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