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Over the last year I have been pursuing this endeavor it has been a big learning experience . At first I figured that the best route to go would be to buy a project boat, which is when I found the contessa 26 and just loved the boat. When I left college and started working full time to fund the repairs it became difficult to put money into the boat when I had rent,bills and food to buy(all those little expenses really add up) Over time I was able to put away some money but not enough.At the end of the summer I moved to fredericksburg to renovate a house. Which is only 30 minutes from the place where I plan to keep my boat. It is also right by the local college so I figured I would take a few classes to get a little closer to a degree. I sold my fairly nice truck and downgraded to a beater which put my bank account back up, my classes are done soon so its time to get back on track. Knowing what I know now, It probably would of been better to have waited to buy a boat till I had funds and the time to work on it. I would also have been able to save more if I didn't have to pay slip fee's every month,they may not be much but they sure add up. As time has gone on, I have found many deals on capable boats that are much closer to being seaworthy then mine. Yes, they are more pricey then what I spent on the contessa but refitting like many have said is expensive and time consuming. So if I go the route of continuing to fix the contessa I will probably have the same if not more into her as I would if I had waited and bought a little less of a project. I am very excited now though because I finally have funds to really get going. The whole college thing is a tough gig. After taking a year off and then coming back,I should have either just went year round and finished in 2 years or not gone at all. College is a great experience and can benifet anyones future depending on the lifestyle someone wants to live. I have become used to being thrifty and don't need fancy things so I feel that college isn't a necessity for me at this time. On the bright side, I am near half way done so If I decide to go back again....for the 3rd time I would have less of a class load to complete. To really follow through with something like this at a younger age many sacrifices must be fancy ride,can't buy the girlfriend nice things ,always working etc.It all sounds easy when its in your head but many difficulties do arise. Everything is definitly taking much longer then planned, but as each day passes I know I am getting closer. Like I have always been told...Patience is a virtue
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