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Sailing with Greyhounds. Any experiences?

Wondering if our two Greyhounds would do well on the boat. Anyone have any experiences with these delightful but quirky dogs?

17' Venture. 80lb. 7 yr old male, 60 lb 3yr old female. They live for car rides and handle quick cornering and unstable surfaces like champs. They're also both very content to sleep 22 hours a day. I don't like to subject them to it, but they can both easily go 10+ hours without food/bathroom.

Retired Greyhounds are neat in that the first few years of their lives they are trained athletes. Crated all day and night. Trucked long distances, let out to run only once a day. Seems like they'd be great sailors, right?

Curl up below deck and sleep? Wife bought them both doggie life vests that fit properly.

Anyone ever take one of these characters out in a smallish boat?

Or any skiddish big dog with no "sea legs"?

I'd hate to load up the boat, dogs, gear, get to the lake/river/bay only to find out the dog wants nothing to do with even getting near the boat tied to the dock. Then have to pack it all up and head home. With an 80lb dog and a boat that sits high on the trailer there's no way of getting him onto the boat at home without a great deal of drama.

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