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Iporcano . . do you remember the young girl who was flying across the USA, she was supposed to set some sort of record because of her age and all? What happened? The plane crashed, she died. Her parents didn't feel too good after that, did they? Or, the nut in Colorado with the balloon? The kid is 13 years old. She isn't even old enough to be in high school ! 13 .. hello? This has nothing to do with the girl, this is all about M O N E Y. Money, and I book deal, and tv, and reality tv, and on and on. And where on earth are you coming up with the rape/high school danger comment. I am in and out of high schools, have been for the last few years. You do not know what the heck you are talking about.. This kind of stuff drives me crazy. And what is worse? Adults who think it is ok, until the kid is dead.. then it is someone elses fault.
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