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If she gets out of this jam and gets underway she will have won me over.

I've said she is too young, but I also said ...

Originally Posted by wind_magic View Post
Len, I understand what you are saying ...

Look, if she's sophisticated enough to sail around the world by herself then she should have no trouble at all talking her way out of state custody without any help. If we put your (Len's) mind into a 13 year old's body you'd have no trouble talking your way out of the jam she's in and getting underway, because you have the life experience, mental capability, etc, to put forth a convincing argument and to find a way to get what you want. If we put you in front of a judge you'd use whatever strategy necessary to be convincing, you'd be able to navigate through this entire situation, figure out what moves you need to make, etc, and eventually you'd get your way. That's what adults are capable of doing, they are able to work with what they have to get what they want, they are self-directed enough to get their way, they are smart enough and have enough life experience to know what the best way forward is. If the kid is so capable, fine, let her talk her way on to her boat and shove off, she shouldn't have any problem with that if she is resourceful enough to deal with a broken mast at sea, or patch the deck with something if it is leaking, etc. Brilliant kid like that should have been smart enough not to get put into state custody in the first place, she should have had enough wisdom to know how people were going to react to what she was doing and she should have figured out a way to deal with that without losing her liberty. If she needs mommy and daddy to save her now, won't she need them later ? You wouldn't need your mommy and daddy to come save you if your mind was in her body, you'd be able to figure out how to get what you want, why ? Because you are an adult who is capable of understanding the complexities involved, capable of creating promising strategies that lead to successful outcomes, etc. If the girl is relying on her parents for everything, to get her out of jams, etc, then she's got no business sailing on her own either.
She's working a strategy that could work - get free, get boat, get gone, and not letting challenges get in your way is adult type thinking, the kind of thinking I think you need to make a trip like hers. Good for her. I was totally against her going, but not letting people get her way is winning her a convert here, that's the kind of attitude that deals logically with emergencies in the middle of the ocean be it a 13 year old or a 50 year old.

If she's resourceful enough to get herself out of this jam and not let circumstances stand in her way I think she might have what it takes to make the trip. She's working a strategy that could work, if she can get out of those waters and get to a more friendly place then maybe she can have her boat moved to where ever she is and take off. So long as it is her making these decisions I'm all for her going, if it is her parents helping her then that is another thing entirely. If it is just her then she is showing some real spark in my opinion, because what are the Dutch going to do, chase her down and shoot her ?

What are you pretending not to know ?

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