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J windvane, and the others...

Perhaps this is what is wrong with America and our kids...they WILL live down to our expectations, how ever absurd they may be...and that if people like you prevail..many kids will never leave the front porch or experience life.

We, collectively, individually, or in any group or label you want to apply have no say so in how this kid is raised and what she "should" be allowed to do...

Had some overprotective know it all not gotten involved in the first place, she would be well on her way and NEWS FLASH - either succeeded or failed.

I have a son who when he was 13-14 was far more mature, and had a better head on his shoulders than many 30 somethings. Age has nothing to do with ability (or inability for that matter).

Why is it that every "expert" has to jump in on every situation and offer their one and only analysis to the perceived problem. I would suggest that many of you experts do not have kids, or if you do they are an aside.

Weird how she, at 14 made it to the Dutch Antilles...where were all your "protections" then...certainly SOMEONE should have done something..and yes - bad stuff happens all the time, to good people. I am living proof of that.

She has every right to do what she wishes, she has yet to blame or incriminate any one else...this should be between her and her custodian or parent, wherever or whoever they are.

Let the kid go...she will find out soon enough what life is all about.
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