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It scares me that the fact is, that Governments have takin over wiping our kids asses and we still pay the bills.. We have had our Parenting takin away , unless we do it the STATE Way..
An American lady visiting england a while ago , had a child throwing a temper tantrum.. so she whack it on the butt ,, the public assholes went into a frenzy and attacked the lady and TOOK her child, and the Court and the Ghestopo backed them up.. WHO Tramatized the child, it wasnt MOM.
What a bunch of CRAPP.. we have NO rights in this world beyond what BIG BROTHER allows us to retain and that is fewer and fewer every day..

as far as the Kid goes,, Hell, if she Dies out there its Natural Selection..

A friend after one of those POSTAL things , told me she could NOT se HOW a person could Do such a thing.. I thought for 1/634th of a Second and said,, "I CAN"

yes, i am Scary
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