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There are SO MANY things I could say here, but even if I was right I'm still wrong! My wife has been fighting breast cancer since April 2, 2008 and by the GRACE OF GOD beat it. During this time her hair fell out, she stayed sick, MOODY doesn't even begin to describe her. She lost one boob and to add insult to injury the chemo put her into menopause! Now you tell me that I have 5 more years of mood swings? I'm the one who needs the medication! As for the thermostat let's just say the Admiral can put it anywhere she DAMN WELL WANTS! As for the toilet, lets just say seat down, lid down, flushed, or sleep outside. As for the Hot Flashes aka (power surge) Let me describe it the way she does. (15 min of deleted explicatives) You (15 more min of deleted explicatives) and that's FINAL!!! Truth be told everyone has little things that set them off and women in general seem to have more of them. I have found a little kindness goes a long way. Either help the gals out a little bit or pay the consequences. As my grandpa once put it "Maverick the sooner you reallize you are nothing more than an old yellow curr dog full of burrs the sooner you will get along with women."
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