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15 years ago there would have been a simple solution to this issue, shoot first and ask questions later. I really don't understand the problem here! I know that there are economical issues and problems with international fishing in Somli waters but the BS that people were doing this to feed their family's is over. It is now a business for some of these people.

When every major power was faced with piracy throughout history they met force with force, today everyone wants to talk about it... As crude as it is a few head shots or smart bomb to a mud hut and the situation would start to resolve itself.

The 'Rules' don't apply when you are dealing with lawless people. Can you imagine the state of Pakistan if they had to continually stop to talk too the taliban or other extremest groups? Yes I know the two situations are not the same but the principal remains, some people only respond to force.

I do not normally advocate violence but there is no way to change the situation off the North East Coast of Africa... It has gone past the tipping point when goons are pulling in that much money with such little investment. If nothing is done soon this will give carte blanche to other lawless coastal area's of the world where they are looking for an easy way to make money.

Can you imagine if this was happening off the coast of Cuba?!?!

(not saying Cuba is lawless, just imagine what America would do if a couple ships were hijacked off the coast of Cuba)

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