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Can you do it? Sure.
Should you do it? maybe.
NOW is the time to have a family meeting and figure out if everyone is on board. If everyone is enthusiastic, then NOW is the time to create a plan, and put that plan into action. Unemployment can either be devastating, or an opportunity, depending upon your point of view and your plan.
so, IF everyone is on board, and IF everyone is enthusiastic, and IF everyone wants to get hull wet, right now you still only have a dream that everyone has bought into. You have to turn that dream into a goal.
What is the difference between a dream and a goal?
A goal is a dream with a timetable and a budget.
Determine when you want to set sail. An exact date. Day, month, year. Make it realistic, attainable with a bit of pressure. "Tomorrow" is unattainable. "June 12, 2020" has no urgency- you will never make it happen because there is no unrgency to do so. Write that "set sail" date on the fridge door, in permanent marker. NOW it is REAL.
okay, so you have a date, now how about a budget? We can help, but this is something that you and your family are going to have to get together on. Once you have a solid figure, double it. NOW you have a REAL figure.
Take that REAL figure, divide it by the number of weeks until your set-sail date, and that is how much you have to save, make, or find each day. Write this on your fridge door in permanent marker. NOW it is ALL REAL.

Are you hesitant to permanently deface your fridge? Then you aren't ready to set sail yet. Your fridge is more important than your dream.

If you have had the family meeting, if you have come up with the numbers to inscribe on your fridge, then you have taken your first steps. The rest is just momentum.

One last thing. make sure your son's decision is HIS, uninfluenced. There is nothing of greater help on a boat than an enthusiastic teenager having the adventure of a lifetime, and nothing will make a cruise more miserable than an unhappy resentful adolescent.
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