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Originally Posted by seabreeze_97 View Post
I invite you to read a little something at this link:
The Pearson Vanguard Page
Click on the "American Beauty" bullet on the left side of the page. In the article, you will see things like, "He designed the Vanguard to the Cruising Club of America racing rule, which produced the prettiest yachts since World War II, as well as more seaworthy and seakindly vessels than many of those emerging from factories today." Hmmmmm.
Just a fair counter-point to certain other opinions you have already received.

.... This boat is a practical solution to that sailing situation. ..... It isn't a dockside condo, it's a real sailboat."

I completely agree!
facts and opinions can easily get mixed up.

Even facts are based on opinions quite often, and even so one cannot be concrete. Once you pass judgment rather than presenting thoughts to shed light on objects or ideas, then you have molded and frozen it in the mind and it becomes static and dead which loses its dynamic ability to improve upon which then becomes useless and frowned upon

I remember reading about this guy "Juggernaut" that circumnavigated the globe on a Catalina 27 that everyone considers a light wt. boat only good for day sailing ... amazing !

so much for that;
Like i had mentioned earlier, old Pearson boats like Triton, Alberg and vanguard are known by almost every sailor i have met to be an ICON of OLD blue water sailing regardless, despite their old design and narrow beam...
I know of many people personally whom have sailed these off shore in very long passages across.

I honestly would much rather be in an Alberg or a vanguard in the ocean instead of a small fin keeled Tartan 27 (and also every one i have spoken to does agree and i have not seen any one that considers T27 a real off shore, ...T30 yes.), even though i think T27 is really a great boat and if some one really wanted, could take it any where!
so obviously Jeff has his likes and dislikes which is perfectly ok with me, its just his opinion.
As far as most other facts he is correct and i highly respect that, but again, only in the non-concrete version ...

considering these Pearson boats have a DL ratio over 350 and capsize value around 1.7 (compared to 1.94 on a Tartan 30 or 1.81 on venerable Bristol 30, 1.76 on Bristol 29) there is hardly any boats that can match them for off shore!

Well, numbers are numbers and math is math.

according to the calculator below bristol 29 has a motion comfort of 28 vs. 34 of Vanguard..
Alberg 35 pretty much did set the standard on these numbers back in the day and is just an amazing boat!

this is the coolest tool i have found that calculates the numbers..! check it out...

Sail Calculator Pro v3.53 - 2000+ boats

Having said that i would NOT race one of these pearsons to win any trophies...!

There is absolutely no doubt that technology has changed much and so have boat designs.
The newer boats have much better handling, more comfort,... etc... no doubt.

But not everyone can afford a $100,000 Beneteau either.. and so be it ... nothing wrong with that

here is a very detailed and good link of best off shore boats, designs, req. etc... :
(has a boat list on the bottom)

Mahina Expedition - Offshore Cruising Instruction

ok, time to sail that bath tub...

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