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Pugs are great dogs, you can't look at them and not smile or laugh. They also have unique expressive personalities. Our pug Jazz loves the boat and the water and will fall alseep immediately & happily under the sailing motion of the boat. However, they can not swim well at all and their short neck and smushed face does not hold their head/mouth/nose more than a couple of inches above water so even the smallest of waves swamps her. My pug always uses a life jacket and sinks butt first without one.

Also, pugs can NOT tolerate the heat, again because their lack of a long nose that naturally cools the air they breath and many pugs have what's know as double coats. Hot to a pug is anything above 70, so depending where you are you will need constant shade for them and may have to wet them to keep cool. They cannot be in temperatures above 80 for prolonged periods without some relief. This is a serious concern that you should strongly consider. There are many pug rescue organizations throughout the US that will take them and adopt them out if you cannot provide the appropriate environment for them.

Pugs are also very routine oriented (mine will bark at a misplaced shoe or relocated peice of furniture) and can get stubborn if you shift their 24hr routine until at least it becomes the routine. They are touted as a big dog in a small package and I concur. They do require routine maintenance of their face wrinkle, bulging eyes (susceptible to scratches & infections), smushed nose, ears, and their anal glands (if you don't know about this please do some internet searching).

If you can deal with all that you will absolutely fall in love with it and you will learn it's quirks and subtle gestures that will make it & you happy. Pug lovers know you don't own a pug, it owns you and you are just there to serve their simple needs.

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