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Originally Posted by SHays View Post
Yeah, I'll give you an Amen but I'm telling you right now, that motor will never be the same when I start messing with it. If I do fix it, I will let you know, and you will mark it as a miracle, otherwise, it is going away with no small measure of smug satisfaction.
Oh hell, fixing something ain't a miracle. get over your own damn insecure low-self-esteem therapy-needing self, and grow a friggin' pair!
Look, the motor doesn't work now. So, what's the worst that can happen if you lay hands and tools upon it and actually TRY to solve the problem? It can't work any less than it works now, right?
This is a perfect situation for someone like yourself who is all fraidy-cat about internal combustion devices...

zackly, my insecure friend. You might as well give it a shot, cuz YOU CAN'T MAKE IT ANY WORSE.

And when you hear that sweet, sweet sound of a motor you had declared DOA roar to life and purr like a tame housecat, you will feel a testicular hugeness unlike any you have ever known. Hell, fix that engine and you may even finally move out of your mom's basement, deamnd a raise from your boss, find that unrequited eleventh grade love on facebook and convince her to leave her husband and...

well, just tackle the engine first. post your concerns and questions here and we can walk you through fixing it.
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