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We, the boating community, could certianly run a tighter ship when it comes to securing our boat from theft. Most people take more steps to secure their car.

I'm in a marina that is located in an area known for some crime (been in much worst but also much better) and it has little security, though the car access is gravel and there are people living near the ramp. The marina discourages an active sailing/boating community, there are few full time liveaboards (some of us spent more time on board than not so that helps), no cameras, no gates, no police or patrols at night and few boats are alarmed. (if the marina was cheap I would say fine but we are paying enough to have some services)

So far it has not been a major problem, as far as I know out of the hundreds of boats here only one has had a major theft this off season.

Part of the reason must be that those of us who are around always keep an eye out which may mean there are easier pickin's elsewhere, so that is good.

BUT the #1 way to stop theft is for us to stop buying stolen parts. We do it to ourselves. This is one reason I bought a new outboard. Yeah a couple local outboards looked like a deal, maybe too good of a deal and I do not want to find out later that someone else remembers that sratch on the side!

I'm looking for some used electronics. Something real cheap that has been upgraded but I often see electronics that are much too new to have been upgraded and no connectors? If we didn't buy or use obviously stolen stuff less of it would be stolen.

Have faith that the oceans are going to rise and flood the world, that plague and pestilence brought on by Climate Change is going to punish us for not believing. Please do as they say it is our only hope. :P

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