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Originally Posted by CaptKermie View Post
That guy is controling the tiller for the center/main hull, you can see what he is holding is connected to the rudder. You can also see the main hull is mostly airborne with the center daggerboard only partially submerged so I guess the rudder is only partly submerged. So what is steering that thing?... the leeward rudder???

I'm guessing that as a trimaran, you're going to be trimming your sails so as to minimize the time your rudder spends out of the water. I would also guess that this is at least one of the functions of the fin at the stern of the ama; to help keep the boat on course during periodic temporary loss of steering? My question about whether there is a center tiller is just that it seems like there would be conditions or issues that might arise where one might want to steer from the center hull.
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