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We did have a wonderful day! The perfect learning curve; challenging but not hazardous conditions.

Himself is being the gentleman here and not mentioning that it twas I on the jib sheets when they got wrapped and tangled and blown... and twas I that got the motor started but neglected to put the cursed thang in FORWARD... He was SO nice about pointing out that we had no forward motion once the sails came down. As soon as the words were out of his mouth I was leaping to the stern to slide the gear lever into forward. heh... I could really get a hate on for outboards. annoying contrary fussy difficult to access things that they are!

Reefing lessons and practice will have to wait for a bigger day. The winds were nothing near big enough to warrant a reef, even when the gusts picked up. We had problems managing the sails but that was mostly our ineptness. We need to get the blocks out and cleaned and use them so the winches don't over wrap... And he was also nice and didn't mention that I sorta ran the jib out like a spinnaker... none of the shackles will open so it was clipped in at the top and bottom and that was it. (which contributed GREATLY to the difficulty getting the darn thing down...) I need to go searching around for how to uncorrode shackles that have been growing green blue fuzz for too long.

And he was really nice about all the stuff that went flying all over the cabin. really, it's a miracle nothing was broken, not even the chech glass oval lamp chimney, which would have been a stone cold bitch to replace at something like 80 bucks... Even the toaster oven that grew wings and FLEW across the cabin survived!

But I have to say, I am going to buy a few more bolts the right gauge for dropping thru the reffer door bolt holes and CHAIN It to the darn thing, so he CAN"T loose it into the bilge... The door flew open on that puppy and it it launched out of its hole like a... well like a 3.5 cf Norcold... gouged the mahogany and busted off one arm of a very ugly TP holder which has the same blue green fuzz the shackles have. That I am HAPPY to get rid of!

And pulling his soggy ass outta the water wasn't SO hard.. I just reached and got a good hold of his sweats AND boxers... Man, either I am stronger than I think I am or he levitated right up as soon as the pressure was applied. Heh. Really, he came right out with one good tug!

So I have been meaning to take one of the old Halyards and tie up one of those nifty jacob's ladders and secure it to the stern with a pull line to drop it down into the water. Now I actually have to get it done, because all joking aside about tuggin on his boxers, if we had not been at the dock when it happened it would have been much more difficult. Not impossible. I could have rigged a rope under his arms and used some leverage off the mast to get him up, but not easy. And I am the guilty party who got him his jacket and did not take the life jacket off before I put him into the jacket. And while he does not recall zipping it up, I did it for him and my understanding from conversation at dinner last night with other boaters is that there can be serious consequences to having an inflatable expand under a snug garment. So we got lucky there.

But maybe the best part, aside from the moments when we had good wind in the sails and were moving along under the clear blue sky, is that at the end of a long tiring day, after I pulled him outta the water, we both lay there giggling like loons and catching our breath, but still happy from how our day had gone and how well we had worked as a team.

And I don't even mind the sore muscles I have today.

It's all good!!


ain't what ya do, it's the way that ya do it...

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