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Making Me Cringe

My first reply to a post. I did a little searching around and there are indeed a few people in the world who want boat sitters. I would suggest that in future you don't talk all about what you want and how you have nothing to offer otherwise. You are not being bold or honest here. Just stupid. There are people who need someone to watch their boat for them while they travel, just like house-sitting. Eventually, they should know about how much time you will be spending on your projects and how little time you plan to spend learning to care for the boat. It seems here as if you really have no interest in doing that whatsoever. Your video/graphics career is directly orthagonal to the typical boat-lover begging to be allowed to take care of somebody's life dream so they can be around the boating community and learn other boating-related skills and make boating industry connections. It is very similar to crewing IMO, but a crew with no experience or desire other than their own completely unrelated career isn't crew, it's a house-sitter on a boat. So, that is what you are looking for, and you really should just be telling people the things they need to know for that. IMO. Keep in mind, too, that most boat owners absolutely believe that the world is what you make of it, but they also hate people who think they can get what they want just by asking someone to do it for them. For this to be anything more than a temporary arrangement, you will have to do something in return, or hop from boat to boat as the owners travel for short periods, IMO. Good luck. So, don't lead with your lack of experience and relatively little interest in doing any real work for the owner. Lead with your value, which is, I will make sure it doesn't sink or explode or burn while you are away; I will take care of any other simple tasks as can be done by an unskilled person, if you list them for me and tell me what is required. I am nice and trustworthy and driven to achomplishment in my own life (translation, no crazy crack parties while you are away).
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