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Where IS the line drawn or where SHOULD the line be drawn?
Ideally, there should be complete transparency. In a perfect world, every boat listed for sale would be surveyed by an independent surveyor, and the report appended to the listing at the time the boat is listed. Ideally, an escrow of 20% of purchase price should be automatic and part of the standard boilerplate in the contract of sale.

Is it going to happen? NO!

*Rant on* A sticky gas pedal is cause for the recall of millions of cars. If the power windows on a new $15000 car did not work, the owner would take it back to the dealer and scream until it got fixed. We would not settle for any less than 100% perfection and 5 year warranties on our new cars when we drive them off the lot, and we know full well that our $15-$50,000 car will be worth maybe 30% of the purchase price at the end of the warranty period. A new home buyer expects no defects in his/her new $300,000 home, and the builder is on the hook until the pre-purchase inspection is clean and deficiencies rectified. Yet the boatbuilding industry seems perfectly content to deliver $30 000 -$300 000 boats to the buyer with sloppy wiring, defective hardware, scratched finishes, etc., etc., and we as buyers accept this, because we believe that, as somebody said to me recently, "production boats are built to a price point, so they are not going to be perfect." If a manufacturer has the balls to charge me $1500 for cockpit cushions from the factory, then I expect those cushions to have no marks on them, and seams that look like they are worth $1500! If the dealer is going to charge four figures to install the elctronics, then shouldn't the electronics all work properly upon delivery? How come that seems to so rarely be the case? If we as consumers are willing to accept lies, excuses and sloppiness in a brand new boat from a dealer, why should we expect a used boat broker to adhere to a higher standard?

*kicks over soapbox and stomps away.*
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