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Originally Posted by arf145 View Post
I just found this thread, Sailguy40, and you have my extreme sympathies. What you said about not messing with a person's boat is right on.

So, it was a crappy way to start out for sure, but luckily you've got some great advice from the many capable Sailnetters here. You take care of this problem, and you'll really be bonded with your Cal 25.

I hope you'll keep us in the loop as your fix progresses!
Thanks but I think I must of already been bonded with my boat. I guess the bonding must of happened within the first 2 days It sure is weird because normally yes I would be mad but with this try mad x10 Yeah I got some really good advice thats for sure. From what I am seeing, it seems if I can just get the mast down (which I am going to try) I might can fix it for a couple hundred dollars. I actually do have the spreader that came off. Just both end peices are gone, the mounting piece and the rubber fitting that the shroud fits in, but its just old and shot, probably needed to be replaced anyway. West Marine has a lot of this stuff. Not sure about the rubrail but I think they had those too. I just have to get the darn mast down. I even thought about renting a lift truck (actually was pretty reasonably priced) and just working on the mast like that. This way I would not even have to take it down. I am going to put it in a marina where it is at, I am cancelling the southshore deal. I don't have a choice because it can't be sailed or even motored with the mast as it is now. If that aft shroud breaks, and its weak too, that mast is going to come crashing down. I am also wondering if I have a small leak in the front of the keel. I had some water collect there but its probably from a deck leak elsewhere, had some rain that day. It had a couple minor deck leaks the seller had told me about. I bilged the water out and mopped it all up. So now if it don't rain in a few days and it has water down there when I go back, it must have a very slow leak and I will have to fix it.

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