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Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Down, do you read French

I am just kidding, but you will be glad to know that a French sailor has written, (on a French blog about the AC) exactly the same thing you have said, almost word by word, including the evaluation of the boat performance through a computer program.
I agree with both.
This AC was not about sailing (Sport) but a boat design competition, and a very expensive one.



I should be able to read French, after all the time I spent studying how, but no, I don't. I guess I was just watching the same "event" he was. I need a French immersion experience. Perhaps a year sailing on the Med.

I honestly don't think it is far fetched at all to see these wind powered platforms as remote controlled in the future. They are getting very close. Having some meat aboard for ballast is becoming a "throwback". How long will it be before the first unmanned sailboat crosses the Atlantic or sails around the world?

I enjoyed watching. I enjoy anticipating what their design advances portend for our collective sailing futures. It would be a remarkable experience to be flying 10 feet above 3 foot waves at 30 knots, moving faster than the wind. It would be more than I want to consider to be aboard when a bracing strut failed and the "boat" came apart, especially if it were me, with my family, out for a sail on a breezy summer afternoon.

One of my favorite boats is our 15 foot Marshall catboat. Its big sail and barn door rudder make it possible to feel the boat "hunt" for the sweet spot when beating into 12 knots of breeze. It can get a little wet, depending on the fetch, but the boat finds the threads of the puffs and responds continuously to their shifts. I can feel it sailing! It is amazing and wonderful. It is why I go out and play in the wind. I used to enjoy listening to the radio before TV, too. I am so lucky! ha!

That is not to say I don't enjoy the information and adjustments we have on our Islander. Knowing the wind speed and the apparent wind are very helpful. I like having a chart plotter, depth sounder, VHF, radar and soon AIS. The coastal weather information my XM radio delivers is a comfort, too.

The advance I observed during this AC that I see myself taking advantage of is soft standing rigging. I had already made that jump in my planning but watching the rigging on these monsters ended any doubts. "Softie" has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

Your posts on the AC have been enjoyable, Thanks.

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