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Originally Posted by mdbee View Post
I admit I have taken the same attitude, at times, towards a certain brands of motorcycles myself since I was in that field for over thirty years. I have tried to be more open minded but at times it can be hard.
I may be mistaken but it seems some others may have become a bit more tolerant.
This brings an old joke to mind. Motorcycle riders have undoubtedly heard it. Riding mopeds is like riding fat women. They're both fun until you get got!

I've witnessed/experienced the same attitudes about motorcycles. I bought my first Harley Davidson. My previous bikes were Japanese "rice burners". Now I supposedly own a "man's bike", though I bought an entry level HD, a Sporster, which some claim were designed for the female customer in mind (I don't care- it was priced right). So, now I get to tolerate those HD owners who "look down their noses" because they're riding $30K+ full dressers. I don't give a rat's ass. My wife and I enjoy riding it, so that's all that matters, though I am thinking of upgrading to a Wideglide for hopefully a more comfortable ride.

Maybe I'm cheap, but I'm having a hard time wrestling with the idea of spending the same amount of money on a bike that I spent for my 07 Chevy Impala that comes with HVAC and a CD player.
I imagine there's similar opinions about some boats.

The Chevy vs. Ford debate is old and often held amongst idiots. Both have made quality products, as well as they share of crap. Both have various lines to cater to different purposes. That's just good business sense in an effort to capture marketshare.

I'd love to find more of these bluewater threads mentioned.
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