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Originally Posted by Har View Post
I am in the process of getting my boat ready for living aboard and I have to equip it for life afloat

-Refrigeration (have a built in ice box)
-Hot Water Heater
-Composting Toliet (I think the old head is in need of replacement soon, it stinks)
-New Dodger (in bad shape)
-New Bimini (showing it's age)
-New Cushions in V-berth, Quarter Berth, Salon & Settee

So what would you do first, second or without if you were me?
Let me preface my remarks by saying that I had little to no experience in sailing or living aboard until 6 months ago when I bought my Cal 28 ...

From your remarks, I take it you know your own boat ... and will be living aboard by yourself.

My first recommendation would be to make any major modifications BEFORE moving aboard ... it takes 3 times longer and so much more energy to attempt to get them done afterwards as you will always have 'stuff' in the way ... AND be trying to live there at the same time.

That said ...

Originally Posted by sarafinadh View Post
the berth you plan to sleep in is a no brainer. do it now.

The froli is worth every penny. Its a spring system for under the foam mattress.

it makes ALL the difference in the world having a comfy bed!
I fully agree ... it turned the V berth from shades of an underground bunker in Vietnam ... to a cozy bed ...

How you do the galley depends alot on how you intend to eat ...

I went thru stages ... canned goods from Costco ... added a $10 hot plate to cook on ... and a $5 compact microwave (that Sarafina found at Salvation Army) ... that allowed something hot ... added a toaster oven to bake ... a Smokey Joe to grill ... keeping some perishables in the icebox (eggs keep much longer than you might believe ... and cheese and veggies) ... we got a great deal on a Norcold 12/110 3cu ft refrigerator ... (there went the hanging locker) ... but now I have milk and some frozen goods ... and Trader Joe meals to cook/nuke ... along with cold juice and some semblance of civility and culture ... and can even entertain ...

As for the stove/oven ... little space on the Cal 28 dictates the single burner hot plate ... but the micro and toaster oven work well ... and we've added a camping stove so that we can cook when not 'plugged in' ... the grill adds variety as well

As for hot water ... I seem to side with Melrna although adding hot water is on the list of projects

With regards to the composting toilet ... here's a rather complete discussion link here composting toilet report and on cruiser's forum ... Composting Toilets - Cruisers & Sailing Forums ... it looks as if we'll be adding one very shortly ... probably something based upon this ... Ecovita Privy Kit ... tho' if you are living alone ... and don't mind running up to the marina in the middle of the night ... it might find it's way abit further down the list ...

I would definitely add lighting ... to read relax and work by ... but you probably have a handle on this already ... along with music ... (I have found that my daily addition of Rachel Maddow, The Daily Show and Colbert has been replaced by tying knots ... and reading these forums ... but that's just me) ... AND I would also insure that you have at least one area where you normally sit ... with a redone cushion ... very comfortable cushion

I can't comment on the bimini and dodger as I don't have one ... I did at first ... want a 'privacy screen' for the cockpit ... but found that I enjoy the openness (except a wind-break would be nice when it gets chilly in the evening) ...

Lastly ... don't take aboard too much stuff ... less is better ... and everything in it's proper place always ... so you can find it (working on an excel spreadsheet system to stow and retrieve it all) ...

Hope that helps in some way ... and enjoy it ...

quick add ... always keep a list of things you want to acquire ... and their value ... new and used ... find marine flea markets (almost every yacht club in the San Francisco area seems to have one during sailing season ...) AND ... a good resale/consignment shop ... you can save much of that warchest ... and enjoy doing it as well ...

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