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Originally Posted by Melrna View Post
I have toured the factories of a few builders but not Hunter. .... I also used to work for DuPont in fiberglass composite research for in both layup, destructive and non-destructive testing. I have 3 degrees including a master degree in Industrial engineering. I am a NASA contract test pilot and 20 year military test pilot. So the bottom line is I know a thing or two about systems, engineering, composites and a few other areas. ...

I have suggested that you have a look at the First 50, because it seemed to me that you appreciate well designed boats. The relatively new First 50 (and the 45) are not only “excellent boats for those looking for performance” as you put it. I think that you have not been inside one (I apologize if otherwise). I believe that if you had you would immediately understand the cruising potential of the boat. The interiors are superb, very well designed and give a notion of space and good living, very rare on cruiser-racers of that size and certainly have nothing to do with the interior of the older model.

When the 45 appeared on the market it has come only with a draft of 2.4 and 2.7 and that would put a limit on the boat cruising capacities. I saw the boat at the time of its presentation in a boat show (Dusseldorf?) and have asked to a European major dealer if they would not make a short draft version for cruising? He said No, no way. This is a cruiser-racer.

I remember that I have said something like: Humm, I think you are wrong. I remember that the guy looked at me as If I was crazy…what could I know that he didn’t know? Well, I am an Architect and a sailor and I can recognize an interior with quality and cruising potential. It seems that the clients also. That’s why you have now a version with a 2.00 m draft ,that, obviously is not for racing, but for cruising.

As you know these boats are a lot better than the Oceanis for offshore work (and of course, they sail better). The First flexes a lot less and they have a superior stability, mainly in what regards safety stability, but of course you are right, the Oceanis 50, even if it could, it is not really designed for that purpose.

Bottom line, if you have not been inside one of the new first (45/50) don’t miss it. I would like to have your opinion on the quality of the interior space.
Please see the 360º Film:

Curiously the new First 40, even if it shares some of the aesthetics, it is quite the opposite. That one is a racing boat and has the interior space of a racing boat.

Originally Posted by Melrna View Post
Paulo, …. The fact that no traveller exist on this size boat in unbelievable. Sail trim suffers and the ability to dump the lift during overpowering situations is borderline dangerous. …. Each has it own characteristics from a design standpoint. If one is going to buy a 50' sailboat, the designer should at least make the boat up to coastal cruising standards borderline bluewater cruising. My comments reflect that statement.
It is possible that you are exaggerating the importance of the traveler, for cruising, regarding the new system that is many times associated with German sheeting.

Have you already tried the system? I didn’t but I have heard good things about it, from sailors that have it on their boats.

The Hanse boats are a lot sportier than the Oceanis and they have more demanding clients. If the system was not working or was dangerous they would already have changed it (I believe they were the ones to introduce that system on the mass production boats, several years ago). They used it even in their top of the range (big and expensive boats).

The new Moody use also that system and that is not on account of cheap mass production boats (they are expensive boats). I think they use it because it works, it is simple and easy to use.

Saying that I would prefer the old traveler (but I like fast boats) and the system on the Oceanis did look to me a little bit undersized, but I have only looked at the photos.


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