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Originally Posted by rmeador View Post
Do you think it would be cost-effective to buy such a boat and convert it? Or should I just buy a fully-functional boat with a diesel and forget about this crazy plan? This would be my first boat, so maybe the extra work involved in converting it would be biting off more than I can chew, but I'm already pretty set on adding central heat, so there's going to be some pretty big work going on anyways. I'll probably want to keep the diesel tank for both the heat and a generator if I decide I want to extend the electric motor range using one. Thanks!
I love this idea, I want to do the same thing but......

You CRAZY, wake up man!

First boat and you want this project? R U RICH? Nothing to do with your time? Then maybe but...

..if you want to get into boating, this isn't the best way.

If you want a neat project, that consumes lots of time and money but returns great satisfaction, then I'd say go for it.

Little story:
I used to overclock computers. To address the heat I tried lots of things including water cooling. Back then there were no kits, so every part made by hand, used a water pump from a fish tank. Cooling blocks were large chunks of copper with water passages drilled into them, hours draw filing for maximum contact. Lots of work but end result was a faster computer than I could ever buy, fastest in town, even faster than the local servers. Lots of fun.

A few years later everything I made by hand was available in the market and most of it was much better quality.

I expect the same thing here. What you want is available but it is pricey. I'd say get a boat, and get all the other things fixed up on it, then take it out of service for the big project. You'll better know what kind of range you need and what you would like it to do and hopefully the kits will be cheaper.

Well that's what I hope.

Until then there is lots on the boat to keep you busy, and fossil fuel is cheaper..

AND it is Feb 23. Rudolf Diesel patents diesel engine in 1893 today. So give history a nod and burn a little dino fuel.

Have faith that the oceans are going to rise and flood the world, that plague and pestilence brought on by Climate Change is going to punish us for not believing. Please do as they say it is our only hope. :P

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