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Since I have the "O" rings now, I could match them pretty easily, and maybe ship them back? (Is that ethical considering they took the time to send them to me? Maybe I could put a fiver in the box.)

In other news, the spring is here! One thing about those IMTRA guys, they ship really fast. I made the on-line order on Sunday and it was here on Tuesday. One little spring, well padded in about an 8x6x6 box. With that kind of packing, I'd have no reservations about ordering anything from them, except maybe for the price, of course.

And now that I see the spring intact, it looks like no other spring I've seen. It has an unusual tapering shape near the end, probably so it doesn't interfere with the "finger" piece that slots in place (latches) against the "no backing up" gear. And the ends where the screws go through are at different angles from each other too. I'm very glad I spent the money on it.

[I have a picture of the spring, but can't post to my ftp site just now. Please check back in a day or two.]

Thanks for the encouragement and guidance on the brushes. I spent some time online Sunday, looking for the brushes for the CIMA motor. CIMA is an Italian company, so there's not a lot of companies in the US that carry their brushes. There's an outfit that listed CIMA on their website and I've sent them an email. If they work out, we could all use them for these types of brushes.

In other news, I keep thinking about that rust around the motor casing "O" ring. It's bothering me. When our bow is taking green water, that whole windlass is a couple feet under rushing water, getting dunked again and again. Leaving that improper seal seems like I'm inviting a motor failure and then a rebuild or replacement. I think I'll do the naval jelly, emory cloth thing and then once I get shiny metal immediately apply rustoleum. (The "O' ring there still looks servicable, but I'll probably spend a couple cycles lookng for one.)

I'm scheming to leave the guts of the motor in place while I apply naval jelly to the edge of the case and rinse it off afterwards. Not sure I'll be able to though. It will depend on how far the rust goes around the edge to the inside of the case, and (if not too far) whether I can use duct tape or something to seal off the internals while I'm working. I'll probably have to remove the guts, something I'm not looking forward to.

It seems I've gone down the rabbit hole a bit, successively finding another thing needing work inside each thing I work on. I do believe I can get it all back together though. <-- Isn't that the essence (and optimism) of boat projects?

Big thanks everyone for the encouragement and guidance, on everything from springs and brushes, to gears and grease. Up until a few weeks ago, I though grease was a musical! (grin)


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