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to be clear

Wow.. Lots of replies.. and several of you have been quite nice and informative, and a few have just been bitter, but what else can you expect with internet forums..

Yes I am young and dumb, and yes I am poor, do I want money? Of course, but that's not what this is about.. This whole idea came from when some friends and I were discussing yet another stupid "How much money would it take to do this" kind of thing.. I have friends that say they would have to get at least a million dollars to live in solitude on a boat for a year.. and I said I would do it as long as it didn't cost me anything.. not for the money, but for doing something a little crazy that would let me prove to myself I could meet the challenge head on and win..

and sure, there are a lot of people sailing on their own and it's not some novel idea any more.. but honestly have you ever heard of anyone who did step off their boat for an entire year? I mean that's a long time in solitude.. that means no sex for a year.. it's not about money.. Money is required, money that I don't have, but I'm not doing this so I can make money, I'm simply trying something wild.. I'm sorry that will offend people who get up everyday hating their life, people whose only outlet is to come on here and bash the ideas and dreams of others.. I'm 27, pretty much broke, I have no idea what I want to even do with my life, or what I'm supposed to be, but you know what, I'm still happy.. I may not have a lot of material things or a long list of status builders but I'm smiling more and laughing harder than most anyone I know..

Wish me luck or wish me hate, we'll see if it all goes down.. Cheers!

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