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Originally Posted by thebee64 View Post
Thanks GeorgeB and Sailing Dog,

I'll probably go with 5/16 StaSet as it's instock at my local WM. I'll check with my other local shop to see if they carry it as well though. You guys have really given me a lot of good information and this weekend I'm going to pick up enough to start on the tack, outhaul and downhaul. The reefing line and topping lift will come next week and then the vang last as it's going to put a good strain on the wallet and while it would be nice to have, it's not something that HAS to be done right away. Those bails should work out pretty good. I also have to do some practicing with pop rivets as well. I have some scrap metal. It's about 1/8th SS.

What should I be looking for in a riveter? Would a hand riveter be better to start out? I'm 29 so I'm not worried about the hardship factor, especially when I don't have too many to set. I would imagine that I can find a guide or how to online, but do you have any advice on setting a good rivet? Last thing I would want to do is have a rivet go skipping across the boom leaving it's tell tale little marks!
You can get a good pop rivet tool at Sears that can do the 3/16" stainless steel rivets. If you need to go larger, you probably need to get a pneumatic pop rivet tool.

When I pull the boom off to do the work, I'm going to clean it up with some Neverdull. I'll pick up something for the contact points as you suggested as well.

If I want to remove that Cam cleat on the boom, do I just drill the rivet out? What would be the best way to cover the 2 holes left behind? Pop in a couple of rivets? Tin something in to fill the hole? I can't imagine water floating around the boom being a good thing.
Drill the rivet out using a fairly small bit, and slowly work up to the diameter that takes out the rivet's core. You can fill the holes with a little thickened epoxy if you really want to. Water in the boom isn't really much of an issue.

If I get the tack, downhaul and Outhaul setup this weekend, I"ll send you a photo of the finished work.

I ended up finding a whole 'nother problem though! I was down in the boat the other day. While I was in the V birth, I noticed my chainplate on the Starboad side didn't look quite right. I poked the wood next to it and it was SOFT. I went online and it looks like it's a common problem espcially with formica covering. Looking at it on both sides, there is no indication that there was any water damage. No stains, rot or anything! That'll teach me for not doing my homework! I found a great response by Jeff_H post 2 and 3 replacing bulkhead on how to go about replacing the bulkheads. I'm not too shabby with wood and epoxy and I have the tools so it shouldn't be too bad at all. It's just going to be time intensive. Luckily there's nothing molded into the boat, all of the cabnietry, bunks, etc are just ply held by screws! I've cleared the port side bunk and it didn't take long at all.

I think I going to do some hunting around for some cost effective parts. CL has been pretty good to me, I've been burned on Ebay before. I completely understand the old adage now. Instead of going with a boat that was in the middle of my budget at the time, I should have streched it that few extra dollars on the 24ft San Juan that had been well taken care of. Not to mention I know that my little boat is never going to recoup the money I put into it. That's not too bad though, as having pride in the fact that I can actually polish this little turd will outweigh the fact that I'll probably have the same amount of money into it, that I bought it for!


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