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Now that I have some time to post more pictures...

Here's a shot of the furled stay sail. What can I say, when you don't have one, you take pictures of them like your some tourist visiting from out of town, which I guess I was.

Speaking of acting like a tourist, I took a video from the bowsprit. I thought the camera was off, when it was on, so if you watch the movie you get to see me say the same thing twice. It was actually a tough movie to take, because I didn't have a lanyard on the camera and, well, you really have to hold on when you're out there.

See the video here (16 Megabytes).

Don't you just love seeing the bow from that angle when underway?

Here's a shot of WanderingStar's oil lamp. The name escapes me right now. It has a mantle like an old Coleman camping stove, but it is not pressurized. John gave me full demo of how to use it. (The secret is that once you set it for the right amount of light, you leave it as-is and blow it out to turn it off.) Even in daylight I could tell this lamp would really light up a salon at night.

We saw a total of 4 boats out that day. 2 were the Port Jeff ferries, 1 was a fishing boat, and then there was this guy. He took our picture so I had to take his. That's right, on some online kayaking forum right now, there's a beautiful picture of WanderingStar.

Turns out that I left my Driod (cell phone) by the helm, so I had to go back and get it. (Didn't think you'd mind my getting it, John.) The sun was setting and it was a good opportunity to take some pictures of WanderStar's wooden sailboat neighbors.

Sunset (in the trees)

Sunset looking east

Here's a shot of the gaff-rigged schooner that is docked right next to WanderingStar. A nice guy named Bill built it himself. ( I got to meet Bill and his wife.) Note the clean, crisp cockpit layout. John showed me how the hull was made (with layers of wood at 60 degree angles like plywood, epoxied together), and compared it with his (which is a style that requires thicker beams). Not sure I can explain that part very well.

And her rigging

And her windlass. It a very shiny Lofrans windlass similar to the one I have disassembled at home right now. This one is a lot shinier than mine, and it has some sort of cap over the hawspipe. (I think that's what you call it.) I guess I have to make on of those caps, so my chain isn't out in the elements all winter. See how much work you get when just taking a simple picture?

And the wooden sailboat next to Bill's. It's "Wooden Boat Row" there. As you can see from this picture, all three of them are lined up.

Thanks John for a great sail. More so because it was off-season.


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