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BFS??? not quite but still fastest i've been!

Smack asked me to repost this so here it goes....

Hey all,

Some may recall that I have been rebuilding a Stiletto over the last 7 months. Well, after countless hours and more money than I even want to consider, she went into the drink 2 weekends ago.

This past weekend I took her out for her first sailing voyage.

The day started with 10-15 kt winds. Perfect weather. Just because she was just rerigged and fresh on the water I ran a heavily reefed Calvert main and a storm jib.... I wanted to bring the stress into the rig slowly and not just throw a full roach main and spinny in the air first day out.

Took a bit to figure her out...she is my first multihull! But once I did!!!
G*D D*MN!!!!

In 15 kt winds I was averaging 12 kts!!! As the afternoon winds built we started to have some serious gusts build. The local weather bouy recorded 37 MPH! I didn't get a GPS speed reading but I estimate 18-20 kts under sail. I had rooster tails off my rudders! I passed a fishing flats boat under motor power... he tried to throttle up BUT I STILL OUT PACED him!!! Remember those rules of the road questions that would ask about a sailboat under sail passing a motorboat under power and who had the right of way?? Remember how the answer stated something like blah blah HOWEVER UNLIKELY blah blah the sailboat gives way. Well maybe not that unlikely!

So much for not stressing the boat I can't believe all the speed with such heavily reefed sail area. I can't imagine what I could have achieved with full sail area in play. BTW, I came in when I noticed the leeward shrouds were getting sloppy... she has a fresh rig and the cables are still stretching and setting. Had to re-tension her later.

Did notice a few negatives... She does NOT want to go through the wind. I had to jibe for ALL direction changes. The force of the water on the rudders at that speed was amazing. It took some serious elbow grease to make major course changes. Keeping her in the wind to drop sails was a major PITA. Without the usual monohull mass, the Stiletto turns off from the wind almost instantly once you leave the helm to work the sails. It takes almost NO SAIL AREA for this boat to start to seriously move so you end up with a Main halfway down and flopping around and a boat now moving a 7+ kts... I got to get some crew or an autopilot... It's a real handful.

Anyway, thought you guys might enjoy the tale. The darkside is indeed powerful!
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