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There's lots of grey here.

Originally Posted by Boasun View Post
Major shipping does not create dead zones in the seas & Oceans...
The dead zones are created by Fertilizer, Pesticide and herbicide run-offs along with illegal dumping of toxic materials. Along with Over fishing in a major way.

Piracy is created by inept governments, broken economies, and just plain evil people. One way to deal with a boat load of pirates is to blow them out of the water.

Liberal people are living in a fantasy world... Wake up IDIOTS...
Well, to take the middle way, it is a bad choice to choose piracy, BUT the dead zone could very well have been created by the alleged dumping of toxic waste off the Somali coast by the Italian mob, among others.

BBC NEWS | Africa | Waves 'brought waste to Somalia'

In addition to that a UN report estimated that, with the fall of the Somali Gov't, international fishing fleets have been plundering the waters off the coast to the tune of $300 Million a year. The ill-equipped Somali fishermen were overrun by modern foreign craft.

How Somalia's Fishermen Became Pirates - TIME

Nothing in this world is as simple and as black and white as it gets portrayed.


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