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Originally Posted by tager View Post
The point is that some people killed some other people and now you are saying "score one for the good guys."

I am totally against piracy, and I believe that those pirates got what was coming to them. However, I don't cheer when people die.

Who were the "much better guys" at Hiroshima?

I am not comparing this event to Hiroshima, they are totally different. I am trying to illustrate that killing fellow humans is never good. When you tread on the safety of others by being a pirate, you accept death as a possible fate. I still think killing people is wrong, and so is scuttling ships.

Doesn't it pollute the ocean? Isn't it an irresponsible way to deal with lead, petroleum products, and other chemicals?

Maybe you guys think I am an "enviro-nut" or a "liberal" or whatever.

I would not hesitate to kill pirates. However, I wouldn't celebrate their defeat as they swam helpless in the water, soon to die. Humans.
Wow...did you read a lot into not only the story but he responses of some of the people who praised the work of the military.

I've been a soldier, a mercenary and a cop. Killing is not something I would cheer. However, killing is not, on it's face, wrong.

Looking at it in such black and white terms denies the complexities of the issues around the "use of deadly force to defend yourself or another against grave bodily injury or death."
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