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Originally Posted by blackjenner View Post
But there is the reality of Good Men, willing to do Very Bad Things, for Very Good Reasons.
And I thank my lucky stars that there are such people each and everyday. I wouldn't have the freedoms that so may take for granted today if not for Men and Women willing to stand up and take that responsibility upon themselves. Could I be a soldier or a police officer? I don't think so. Could I shoot a pirate that boarded my ship? I don't know but there are people willing to protect me and protect my freedoms.

Too many people think they are better than those willing to protect them because they 'Wouldn't Kill' another or look back on history with contempt at events like Hiroshima and project their 'high morals' because people died at the hands of other. These hypocrite would certainly denounce what the Nazi's did and then denounce what the allies did to stop them?

I invite such people to take the next flight to Mogadishu and try to pass on these high morals to said pirates. I'm sure it will go over well...


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