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It would be nice to know what happened to need a tow etc. Altho I will admit, if he would have had to ditch a boat here on PS on shore, that would be in my top 10% of places to do so. Overall sandy to pebble beach, not too many if at all bigger rocks to hole a rig. Reasonably steep shore to set on etc.

But, I can do the how the wind was blowing, from where, what the shoreline is like, what protects it etc, but.......... I see he appeared to look into the cabin area, was he talking to someone whom was sea sick or equal? was a prop fouled? was a halyard fouled so he could not get something up? Engine not running, ie out of fuel, water in the system with a clogged filter......list goes on. I do agree, it is nice to know what went on, and what one can learn from others misfortune, as long as one can keep the pundits out of the discussion so it is relevant to the issue and learning process.

My 02 being as you are looking for a boat here in PS. A boat like the one pictured being in tow is NOT needed IMHO to cruise around here. If anything, it is way to heavy to sail on a regular basis with our typical winds in the 5-15 knot range. A boat on the lighter disp end of things, deeper keel etc will work just find, and you will probably find yourself sailing more vs motoring with heavier full keel style of boat like this. UNLESS, you can figure out how to up the Sail Area to the 23 to 25-1 range of things. You need that much to make things move around here at times. "IF" you plan on going offshore some where, my comments are probably not the best then.


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