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back to intimacy message

Very well spoken pmills42255, very well indeed.

The hook is down in a quiet, isolated anchorage and holding. The sails are furled and covered. The gear is stowed, decks swabbed, dinner over and the dishes done. You
sit in the cockpit, your hands wrapped around
a cup of steaming coffee. Your nose, poised
just above the hot liquid, inhales slowly,
deeply while the aromatic essence of brewed
beans grown half way round the world flows
through your nostrils like living plazma,
warming you. From somewhere below, soft, smooth jazz floats quietly out to you
through the utter stillness. You feel a presence beside you. You look over. Her face is so close you can feel her breath on
your lips. Behind her head a blood red sun
slips slowly into the sea. You look into her
eyes and deep into her eyes. They turn to
shimmering liquid, and you see you in them.
The dying sun casts its final rays against the sheen of her hair forming a halo around
her face. Your mouths gently seek each other, find, form vacuum, lock while you drink long and deep and longer and deeper,
filling the cavernous depths of your inner
most being. Your lips part. You lean back,
drawing her to you. Her head lights gently
on your shoulder as your arms surround her
tenderly, protectively, forming an impenitrable wall between her and the world.
Somewhere in the distance the faint, almost
imperceptible sound of sea cascading onto
shore lulls you. You slip, catch yourself from habit, then remembering where you are,
surrender to it as it pulls you down in undulatilng waves and deeper down into the
oblivion of the unconsciousness of utter

You are right. Nothing nourishes love like the woumb of all life and love, the sea.
Thanks for reminding me.

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