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Originally Posted by ughmo2000 View Post
If he's been paid to provided a "delviery crew", and he's pocketing the monies to pay that crew, AND then charging novice crew he advertises for. I don't believe owners should ask crew to contribute to boat or provisionong costs either.

Does anyone really think what the OP is doing is OK?
"OK" by who's standard? That's the catch isn't it?

What are the "rules" governing delivery crew positions? There has been a lot of talk about the "ethics" of having people pay to crew. But again, where is that rule book? Who's the arbiter of what's "wrong" or "right" in how it's done?

People can agree to do anything in any way they want. That's what contracts are for. That's capitalism. In this case, regardless of how you might personally feel about the idea of having crew pay to play, at least the guy is letting people know up front what the deal is. That's ethical isn't it?

And take it one step further, if the skipper has an agreement with the owner to deliver a boat - and that owner has reviewed the guy's website (which one would think would be the case) - then the owner is fully aware of how the skipper works and how he seeks to recruit paying crew. So any assumptions at this point about perceived "unethical" behavior towards an owner (or even crew at this point) are pretty flimsy assumptions when no one here has any idea about that contract, or about the actual makeup of the final crew. It's just a bunch of guessing and accusatory innuendo.

As I said before, for me, I'd pay to crew on a large racing yacht if it was skippered and crewed by seasoned sailors from which I could learn. I see that as perfectly OK. On the other hand, if it was only a crew of greenhorns who were paying to be there, I'd personally pass. Doesn't sound safe or educational to me. Others may feel different.

Knowing what I know at this point, I think the guy is pretty smart. Why not supplement a delivery income by charging people to do what sounds like an incredible sail on an incredible boat? If there are some that are interested and everyone knows what they're getting If not, he'll have to go about getting crew in other ways through other incentives. Happens all the time.

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