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Originally Posted by puddinlegs View Post
hmmm. While I'll admit that I haven't looked closely at the SJ 21, I have a hard time imagining that the pole can't live on the boom. This works very well on most small boats, and can even work on larger boats with a light carbon pole. What it accomplishes is largely obviating the need for anyone to go forward of the mast to rig the pole.
Pole is a bit over 8'; boom is only 9'4". We have jiffy reefing down one side and outhaul controls on the other. Also, we lightly bungee the mid reef points around the boom when reefing, which happens about four times a day. Might still work with pole on the boom, but.... More stuff to club you in the head in a jibe, too. We'll try it out, see how it feels.

You have to go forward to set the pole -- it's not doable from the companionway. On the mast, the topping lift & downhaul/foreguy could be left attached (pole uses central eyestraps for these, not a bridle.) I'll ask the Seattle SJ21 mob where they store theirs -- but they are all OD racers, so their needs and procedures may be different from ours. Never seen one on the boom. Bet they just toss it partway below. Many of em launch their chutes from laundry baskets wedged into the companionway.

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