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No, Paul, I was not being sarcastic. I started mine where you left off, at the end
of the day. You are right about competition
turning into cooperation, about first mate,
second mate disappearing as two pull together
You say the sea can be mean and dangerous. Isn''t that a true of life as well? Can not
land be mean and dangerous? What you have described is how it should be. Putting two people in so small a space together with no
outside stimulous, off of the well trodden
paths of habitual behavior, even inside the
house itself gives them the enviornment that
allows them to be close, to communicate, to
see only each other and to actually talk to
each other while they work together to sail
their craft. That is how it should be on the
beach, in the house. But we get busy. Things happen. We say things, do things on
impulse, without thinking and it hangs in the
air sometimes for weeks. And the stress of
living in a complex society doesn''t help.
The sea is not dangerous, any more than life
is. It has danger in it, to be sure. But only when we interlope upon it. We are land
creatures so we have to make a tool, also from the land, in order to go upon it. We initiate our danger. The sea just is and just
behaves according to its nature. We, the initiators of the relationship, have the burden to ensure we have considered the requirements for our safety while interloping
upon the sea. She means us no harm. But she
can not think for us.
Why do I say woumb? It was the sea that spawned all life. Our very blood still has the same salinity as the sea. The biggest problem is that nature endowed us for different work, different roles. One is right
brain; one is left brain. Women are sensual,
creatures of feeling. Men are rational, creatures of logic. Women are the makers of
children, the nurturers of the people, and
the keepers of the culture. Men are the keepers of the territory, the hunters, and
the warriors. One doesn''t say to her, "Do
you see that? Isn''t that logical?" One says,
"How do you feel about that? Does that seem
right?" We must learn to speak each others
language. And to translate into each others
language from our own. Remember, security is
very, very important to a woman both physically and emotionally - especially emotionally. Well, I didn''t mean to do this.
I started out to give a simple reply. I, too,
am without a mate. After thirty years with one, it doesn''s rest easily in me. I guess it
is more on my mind that I let myself see.
Thanks for the dialog. See you topside.


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