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Sunfast 3200

Originally Posted by blt2ski View Post
Interesting that Finot's personal boat is a P10.50. Daniel Andreau(sp?) whom designed the SF3200 also has an SF3200 for family usage too. The only boat he has designed that he also has bought and sails. Not sure what that means................

I have to admit, I like these style of boats. Granted the SF3200 and the P10.50 are different price zones, ie the Pogo is x2 of the sf3200, as such one would expect the pogo to have higher tech items on board, without reading the specs, would assume a carbon vs alum mast, from posts, a lift keel(?) vs fixed on the SF. I would suspect some Carbon or kevlar fiber reinforcement and epoxy vs FRP for the SF. BUT< both have the same general design spec as to whom might want them. Not sure I can afford the Pogo, but the SF I could!

Both are beauty's in there own right.

The J109 on the other hand, also a beauty in her own right, along with the slightly smaller J97. Reality is as mentioned, the J's and the SF/Pogo have different design specs, target audience, etc.

Yes, I agree. The Jeanneau 3200 has a place on this thread.

It is a very interesting boat, it has nothing in common with other jeanneau boats and has a very surprising price, possible because the boat is built by Jeanneau in relatively large numbers. It is also a small fast oceangoing boat, very adapted to solo sailing and designed in the open boat tradition (minis and open 60’s).

I believe it that it is very revealing that both the 10.50 and the 3200 Designers have chosen to buy them as their personal boats. That gives you also an image of the typical French boat designer that, I believe it is different than most boat designers around the world: They love fast sailing boats, have their roots in racing sailing boats, particularly solo and small crew ocean racing sailboats. They are not only designers, but also sailors and it says a lot that both of them think that the most enjoyable boat to cruise is a light fast boat with a light but practical interior.

Daniel Andrieu have designed a lot of racing boats, from Class America boats to the 90’s most popular French monotype, the Jod 35.

AndrieuDesign - Achievements - Sail

I am going to have some days of vacations and I am going to travel, for a week or so, in the UK (Southeast), so I will not be around, but I would like to invite Marty to post on this thread about the Sunfast 3200 and ask BB74 to answer questions or to continue the discussion on the Pogo 10.5. After all it seems he is going to have one, while my wife has threaten me with divorce, if I buy one. He has also been inside one while I have only been inside its big brother, the 40class boat.

Just to open the Sunfast 3200 presentation, some videos about it:

Transquadra - Transat solitaire et double réservée aux amateurs.



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