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There's a 3 year wait list on the Pogo 10.50 for a reason. Having said that some could be looking to swap options to a later date so last I spoke a 2013 delivery schedule could work... Last I spoke with the builders, there were a few slots late 2013 but that was 2 months ago so you never know...

I've not yet bought one, but my wife is OK with it so once we do the trial by fire with the kids in May on another boat, it may be tough not to write the check... I'll keep you posted.

190K € is a lot of coin but the good thing is with the demand, and the controlled volumes, the resale actually holds very well on these boats. Same can be said for the 8.50, not so much for the Open 40 given it's pure racing focus. Knowing there is a high probability you can sell the boat if the need arises and at a good rate is a comfort vs. ponying up top dollar for more mass market boats that may take a big hit (31.7, 34.7, etc, etc). Overall there will be a premium for usage but I don't think on a 5 year basis it would cost more than a 20K€ difference between going with a 10.50 or a more mainstream boat - that's a reasonable trade off for some to get this type of boat but I freely admit, it's reach for quite a few.
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