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Originally Posted by blt2ski View Post

have a good vacation.

Here is an english SF3200 site, just do the .com part for french, or hit the french flag in lower left.

sunfast3200, Sail boat

This is supposed to be the equal to a half an open 60. If funds were there, one about 3-4' or about 1-1.5 meters longer would be nicer frankly. But if one ended up in my slip, I'd be a happy camper!

Hopefully this depression the US is having ends sooner than later so I can maybe order a new one. if not, then if I am lucky, someday maybe I can find a used one. I might have to go to Europe, oh well, buy use, do the transquandra, sail to east cost US, truck up here to the NW US! or sail thru panama up left coast to Washington where I am.......hmmmmmm.......

There are a few JOD 35's around here. one won a SH trans atlantic race last summer.

Another that interests me is the Beneteau Figarou(sp?) but the chance of getting one here in the states is slimmer than slim. It is not even listed on the US site, the European sites list it. I have not had a chance to really look it over, but from what I can tell, similar specs design usage of the SF/Pogo boats. Then again, an Open 40 would be kewl too!

the new Figaro are really race boats. Undersides are all about carrying extra sails & rigging so I couldn't see refitting for a family type cruise. It's the difference between camping and doing outdoors bivouac if you see what I mean. They are ocean going boats however and work very well. I haven't been on the new model but have been on the previous one. Very technical rigging and you need to tune, tune, tune to get the best out of them.
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