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Originally Posted by sailingdog View Post
A full battened sail has some advantages over a un-battened sail. First, the sail will often be easier to flake and furl. It will flog less. It will often have better shape. It will often have more roach and more power as a result. ...
That varies depending on the boat. We have both a fully battened main sail and a battonless main and lazy jacks. The battonless sail flakes so well that often it only takes a few tugs at the mast to clean it up before putting on the sail cover.

The full batten main almost always falls off to one side reguiring a person at the mast to control it as it comes down, even then it sometimes falls off to one side if conditions are rough.

Neither sail flogs so can't really compare them. Sure they do flog but that is my poor trim or because of the angle to the wind when raising or lowering.

I would use the full batten in lighter winds as it holds it's shape without wind but I rarely sail if there is little or no wind so no advantage for me there.

As for power I think the full batten is better but my own sailing, trimming and sailing skills are far from taking advantage of that extra power so I have yet to notice.

I also reef early so lose the batten power advantage long before a racer would. Generally I do not think I reef later with the roachless main but I might sometimes as it is much easier to reef and secure.

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