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Yanmar 2GM20F Work...

Hey All;

This will be an ongoing thread as I continue to do work on my engine.

So today I get down to my boat and the first order of business is to get the engine running. I have serious doubts that it will run and if it is a write off I will have to cancel my planned sail back to Canada and have the boat trailer back to Toronto. I have budgeted my refit and have set aside plenty of money for work on the engine if needed but I am mechanically inclined so I want to see what I can do first. Maybe it will be straight forward and everything will be OK... I grab my Selco Yanmar Inboard manual and start at the beginning of the Maintenance & Tune Up section.

Engine Oil - Pull the dip stick and check, the oil level is a little high which seems OK as the engine hasn't been turned on in some time so all the oil has drained to the pan. Oil is black but manual says that is ok, the smell will give me more of an indication so I smell it. Smells like oil, no burned smell that I can detect.

Transmission Oil - Check the level, it is barely touching the dip stick... Seems to be in good shape, just not enough of it.

Coolant level - all looks good to me...

At this point the manual wants me to start pulling pieces off the engine to check them, no problem but I wonder to myself... would the engine even turn over? Well I grab the key, flip the battery selector to both, climb into the cockpit put the key in and turn it. I get the warning alarm and with my breath held I press the start button...

Chug, chug, chug, chug... It is trying to start... Chug, chug, chug, BANG!!!! It STARTS!!! It's actually running... wait a minute, its starting to run faster, the RPMs are getting quicker... I pull the engine stop and it sputters but doesn't stop, pull it a second time and another sputter but no stopping and the RPM's are still picking up. By this time only 5 or 6 seconds had gone by but it felt like hours as I tried to race through my mind how to stop it since I had not hooked up any water to the cooling system, holy fudge tarts the engine was going to BLOW UP!!! That's when I realized I had not checked the throttle, once I dropped it the RPM's slowed and pulling the engine stop successfully killed the engine.

WOW!!! I have a working diesel engine, well it worked for about 10 seconds before I stopped it! Once started there was no sputtering or hesitation either, it just ran.

So onto the checklist:

Air Filter & Crank Case Breather:

Things get weird at this point... I remove the silencer to inspect the foam element and screen. There is no foam element and the screen is covered in residue. The inside of the silencer has the same residue and some build up.



The manual mentioned nothing about potential buildup, at first I thought it was rust and that the engine had water in it but it's more like burned oil... Any guess as to what this build up is? I am going to clean it and put it back on. Why would the PO not have a foam element?!?! Any number of nasty things could have been pulled into the engine...

As for the Crankcase breather, it has a couple drops of oil on the shelter plate but other than that it is clean.

I'll keep updating as I go along.

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