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Originally Posted by bacampbe View Post
I suspect it may also be because you were already steering into the gybe, which works against a pre-gybe round-up, but in favor of a post-gybe round-up.
This. Good explanation. It's why you can feed wood into the front of a tablesaw w/out it launching toward you: blade and board have opposing forces. Try feeding wood into the back of a tablesaw blade .... no control. The forces add together.

We tend to just throw the main across -- pull in a double handful of sheet as the boom comes across, then let it run thru our gloves to cushion the catch. But both our boats have only ~110 sqft mains and scoot downwind, so the forces are minor compared to a full keeler or 40' loaded cruiser. Getting the boom across fast is important. On the Bucc18 in a good wind it's critical to keep the boat planing, so there's no time to play sheet-to-center: slam and jam. If the boat comes off plane, you are soooo doomed.

BTW, shorthanded jibe technique may depend on the size of your headsail. Our working jib practically autotacks thru the slot, but a large genny may threaten to wrap around the forestay unless you keep it in hand. If you have a furler, there is NO SHAME in furling the genoa, jibing the boat, then unfurling on the other side. If your furler has trouble rolling neatly in strong following winds, blanket the headsail w/ the main while furling.

Nice topic! I'm learning a lot.
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