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Boom 6' off the deck?

How will you manage the sail when it come too, stowing, reefing, covering etc etc.

Unless your monetary investment in the boat is, triaval/disposable/'of no concern' you should consider consulting a naval architect. If you are not already members you might look into the Metal Boat Society. There are serveral NA's who advertise and participate regularly in the forums.

Be careful modifying the rig if the sailboat sails well now. If you had a sports car and wanted to carry piles of gear and you wrote into a forum and asked about cutting a hole in the roof to expand the cab so as to add storage I might suggest that you sell the sports car and buy a station wagon. Not that your idea is exactly like my wild example but it is a big deal to change the rig.

Don't mean to give offense and you have done the right thing asking questions but changes to the rig are potentialy 'life altering' and should done with a bit more research than just asking a bunch of strangers hanging around the marina what they think. It is not always easy to tell the difference between folks that .......... well you get the idea i'm sure.

Consider if there are other boats that meet your needs/requirements better than the one you have now and if you should switch boats.
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