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Originally Posted by krozet View Post
So I have some questions for all you experts out there (those that are not sailing in the AMAZING weather). I am trying to identify a few parts on my boat that seem to be eluding me right now.

Any Simpson's fans out there? To quote Dr. Nick Riviera as Homer is about to go under for his heart bypass surgery...

"What the hell is that?"

A & B - are the same things just offset symmetrically on the front of the mast. There is a ring on the inside that spins and I have no idea what they are for.
Those may be eyes for stowing the jib and spinakker halyards when not in use...or the spinakker pole lift and downhaul lines.

C - is some sort of traveler that runs on a track on the front of the mast. It goes about 1/2 way up the mast. For the life of me I cannot figure out what runs up the front of the mast unless its just an elaborate way to run up the courtesy flag.
This is a spinnaker pole ring. Typically, they have it on a track so that you can match the pole height to the clew height on the spinakker.


D - I think is a sampson post? I tie off the anchor rode to this when anchoring?

E - Scares the crap out of me... The top is spring loaded to hold it shut but there is an opening in the side of it even when it is closed. When you open it there is a LARGE hole that leads down to a space in front of the v berth.

F - Also leads to the same space in front of the v berth.

So here is the space in front of the v berth, obviously the anchor locker... F I think I understand as I run the anchor rode into as I haul it in but I still don't get what E is?
Looking from the back of the berth forward.

Sticking camera into the anchor locker looking up.

E is a chain pipe for an anchor rode. The slot is to accommodate the chain, as a link will probably fit in the slot fairly well. You can see the rust from the chain links leading towards it... D is a samson post. I hope it has a very heavy backing plate beneath it. F is also a chain pipe, probably for a nylon rode, rather than chain. One is probably for a primary anchor rode, the other for the secondary.

I'd point out that usually is a door or panel closing off the anchor locker, and that it should have a drain at the bottom to let any water that gets into the anchor locker drain out. It would also be a good idea to glass the bottom portion of the opening closed so that the rode and any mud/water that come into the compartment are more easily contained.

Doesn't look like you've got a decent backing plate on the sampson post...However, there may be a glassed in backing plate, but my guess is that the area where the sampson post and round chain pipe are located are probably in a glassed in plywood core, rather than a solid fiberglass deck with a glassed in backing plate. Should be checked thoroughly to make sure the plywood, if it has plywood in there, is not rotting.

The wiring in the anchor locker should be encased in wiring loom to protect it from chafe and secured to the underside of the foredeck.

Back to the unknown.

G - due to its proximity to the head & holding tank I think this is the holding tank vent?
Sure looks like a vent. Could be for water tank or holding tank...but if the proximity to the holding tank is closest, it is probably for that.

H & I - Setup for reef points I assume...

Thanks for any info;

Yes, most likely, and the sheaves are shot...need to be replaced.


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