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Originally Posted by LaLeLu
the prop is only 1 year old.
Irrelevant. Significant damage by corrosion can occur in weeks or months.

Originally Posted by LaLeLu
There were no vibrations noted in the sea trial. The boat has about 20 hours on it since the survey.
Again, irrelevant. Why do you assume that the failure would be presaged by noticable (or any) vibration?

Originally Posted by LaLeLu
There was no impact associated with failure. Why would a solid bronze strut (which is not under any type of load and w/no vibration in the shaft) that was inspected 2 months earlier, just break?
Corrosion would cause this kind of failure. And of course the strut is under load, from torque, if nothing else.

Originally Posted by LaLeLu
Caliber told us that they have never (Never!) had any such reported strut failure.
This may very well be true. Then again, how would you know?

Originally Posted by LaLeLu
On the other hand, I have heard of Autoprop blades coming off - they even had a recall on 1998 - 2002 props for this reason
This is true. But the blades do not have a history of simply breaking off.

Originally Posted by LaLeLu
The prop blade cannot physically reach the underbody of the boat - even with the strut broken. There is 2" clearance.
Of course the prop can reach the hull. Without the support of the strut the shaft can easily flex that far.

I'm sure this has been an upsetting experience for you, but if I can dispute your claims quite easily, the manufacturers in question will certainly do so as well.
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