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Originally Posted by Ulladh View Post
8 to 10ft seas are not that bad if long period between crests, if short period then sail or motor sail will be just as uncomfortable.

Reduce headsail to 50% or less and reef the main to 2nd or 3rd then assuming no bit of land in the way, find an angle to the waves that feels right. Keep the motor in gear at idle or not, you will be moving faster under sail than with the motor on.
Ditto, try different points of sail to see and feel the differences. Sometimes I don't mind pounding through the seas if the crests are timed right, other times I would prefer sailing or motoring away from my destination rather than be uncomfortable.

I have doused the sails and just motored directly into the wind (+40knots) once and it worked rather well, little heeling, a bit rough but our destination was in that direction and we did make headway so ended up to the better after that little storm went by. Usually though the wind means sailing just with less sail.

Just try different things, those conditions are such that most sailboats are going to handle them just fine, it is just making things comfortable that matters...........unless racing in which case.....

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