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Originally Posted by EpicAdventure View Post
What are good options for health insurance? I'm in good health so am mainly interested in some sort of high deductible plan.
Good options? I think you guys beat that horsy to death.

The question is more like what options are available to you, for you.

I asked a couple of out of country health insurance companies and did not get a quote but I did get replies. It appears that many do not sell to people from outside their home country, something about not wanting to compete.

So you likely have to buy locally, though I've heard of those who have insurance and did not. I think it was expensive.

All my private insurance options had a little wee bit of print, sometimes well buried in the contract, that limited their risk. Most were limiting themselves to $20G or there abouts. The ones I asked said they had never heard of that clause being used and that they regularly have claims higher than that. Yeah OK but it was still there and very clear, payments above a certain limit were optional for them. Cost of programs seemed to be about 10% of that limit per year though even that could change each year.

In fact they had so many outs I found it better to self insure. As for high deductible they didn't offer it, to them a high deductible was a couple grand.

Always keep this in mind. If you can get insurance then that company is saying, is betting (and they are experts) that you do not need insurance.

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