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Originally Posted by kootenay View Post
Or emigrate to Canada and then go cruising windy We pay 80 bucks a month for full coverage for my wife and I plus 130 per year for additional travel insurance. The travel portion is covered by ING Travel well. Used it in Thailand a few years ago with no problem and no cost. Any doctor 100% coverage we pay for our own drugs. Spend your summers cruising the PNW and the winters in the sunny Caribbean

I'm calling BS on that. I did some quick research and am being told that there is no such package avialable. Canadians are not covered outside their province, let alone country, many revoke coverage if gone for an extended time, even three months in another province can trigger that status. I could find no package that will give this great unlmited, full coverage, for $80 bucks a month in BC or elsewhere.

If the reference is being made to BC health a family of two has a monthly cost of $96 though there are assistance programs. On top of that is about 35% of all provincial taxes are collected for health care and of course many other taxes go towards health care and much is not covered. So even the BC provincial program is well over $80 a month and it is not full coverage delivered (though it is promised, it is also promised to be the best and the cheapest in the world and so on).

It also does not work for those wanting to spend the warm months sailing elsewhere unless you can stay with in these limits:

You may be eligible to receive coverage for up to 24 months during a temporary absence from B.C. Approval is limited to once in five years for absences that exceed six months in a calendar year.

Residents who spend part of every year outside B.C. must be physically present in Canada at least six months in a calendar year and continue to maintain their home in B.C. in order to retain coverage.

It would also not take effect for the first year, and BC is the province in which you will most often see the signs clearly stating "Out of Province Patients pay Cash" though I was able to use other methods they just know they do not get paid just because the person is a resident of Canada.

Nice socialist dream though.

Have faith that the oceans are going to rise and flood the world, that plague and pestilence brought on by Climate Change is going to punish us for not believing. Please do as they say it is our only hope. :P

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