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Not to start anything or what, but in having traveled in the US, Canada, Asia, and Europe, and the DR as well, I have never encountered a problem with the local gendarmarie.

I think that maybe situations have a way of taking care of themselves. I also think that after being boarded and "searched" and having money stolen...instead of complaining to the DR Navy....I would have written the situation as a "bum deal or learning experience". Complaining to higher ups brought down the wrath of all below. Thats why you were told to leave....and I''ll bet $10.00 it wasn''t done with formal documents.

You have to remember that we as Americans who have the wherewithal to afford boats valued at more than the average Dominican will make in his or her lifetime....appear in teir world...and they want no more than a piece of the pie...even if they have to be nefarious to get it. I think had you negotiated the "tax" on the goods - you probably would still be there and having one heckuva good time. Had you talked earnestly with them and maybe made a "present of good faith" you would have a friend for life and maybe a person to watch over you or escort you...or show you the better places to go in the DR.

We operate and do things on a different level than most people in other countries...but yet when we travel to those other countries we just can''t seem to understand why they just can''t be like us....damn...really why can''t they??!~! And when it comes to the DR, its a place where Americans are welcome and the majority of the populace respects least it was like that a few years ago when I was down there.

Maybe you should examine your modus operandi when in foreign ports...then maybe you won''t experience the downside. Mexico what happened to you is called the collection of "Mordida". Nothing new...centuries old.
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